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What is the MILE ?

    The Mid-South M.I.L.E. (Motorcyclists Improving Legislative Effectiveness) was first conceived in the winter of 1992 when over 100 dedicated individuals from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma met in Joplin, MO at a small community center. The goal was to share ideas, techniques, strategies and enthusiasm, and that goal was certainly accomplished. At the same time the the need for more time and structure was seen. A conference was proposed as an opportunity for motorcyclists. The time had come to unite as brothers and sisters to work to protect, preserve and improve motorcycling.

    Over the years conference workshops have focused on legislative issues concerning motorcyclists and ideas on addressing them, the original focus of the M.I.L.E. Other workshops have included rider safety, history of women in motorcycling, member retention, national and international issues and a myriad of other topics of great interest to M.I.L.E. attendees.

    Texas joined the M.I.L.E. in 1997, and Louisiana (Currently on hiatus) hosted their first M.I.L.E.  conference in 2019

A brief history

The M.I.L.E. Committee

The Mid-South M.I.L.E. is brought to you by a group of dedicated individuals from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas interested in protecting and furthering motorcycle rights through an annual educational conference. They also produce seminars about safety, history, and other subjects of interest to motorcyclists. The M.I.L.E. organizing committee consists of up to 6 voting members from each state  meeting 4 times each year. The first meeting is immediately following the Sunday M.I.L.E. wrap-up. At least one  meeting is held at the proposed venue for the next year's seminar, and the other two are in a central area. Any business not completed at these 4 meetings is done through email, text or on the web. 

There are 4 elected officers chosen by the committee members.  

Current officers are:     Chairman -  Rick Boland, Texas

                                      Vice Chair-  Wayne "Tip" Tipton, Missouri                                                                          Secretary-   PattiJo Todd, Arkansas

                                      Treasurer -  Noriene Mann, Kansas

There are also 5 State Reps chosen from committee members. These members are the liaison between the M.I.L.E. committee and state SMRO's and other organizations in their respective states. 

Current state reps are: Arkansas -  Patti Jo Todd

                                     Kansas -     Sis Bohrer

                                     Missouri -   Roy "Cowboy" Hoard 

                                     Oklahoma- Robert "Boats" Moore 

                                     Texas -        Rick Boland

Committee members volunteer for sub-committees such as Auction, Website, Tech (hardware),  Products, etc. or ad-hoc subcommittees as needed. All members pitch in during the seminar to keep the event flowing smoothly and enjoyably for the M.I.L.E. participants. 

If you would like to find out more about becoming a M.I.L.E. Committee member attend the 1st M.I.L.E. meeting at the Mid-South M.I.L.E. on Sunday following the wrap-up and the MILEs Ahead presentation, or any M.I.L.E. committee meeting listed below. There are 4 in-person planning committee meetings a year, and electronic communication the rest of the year. Though only the official members (up to 6 from each M.I.L.E. state) can vote at meetings, anyone can contribute. All Mid-South M.I.L.E meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend.

The second meeting for the Mid South M.I.L.E. is scheduled for 9:00am Sunday February 25.   At this time the meeting will be tenatively held at the Hampton Inn, McAlester, OK. 

The third meeting is scheduled to be held on Sunday, April 21, 9:00am at the host venue in Arkansas for the 2024 M.I.L.E. 

The fourth meeting will be Sunday July 28, 9:00am in McAlester OK at the same hotel as the second meeting. 

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